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Understanding how to reach your target audience correctly through digital marketing is a skill that is often overlooked. You could be missing out on thousands of potential leads every day, simply because your online presence hasn’t been correctly optimised. 

I started out in 2012 and since then I have been handling digital marketing, social media, communication and SEO for some of the UK’s leading companies. 

Get in contact with me to find out how strategically created content can result in higher sales and a larger customer reach.


I have hundreds of graphs showing how i’ve generated leads and business for previous clients. Any consultant worth their salt in digital marketing has an impressive portfolio of clients that they’ve got results for. 

So what makes me different? 

Digital Ghostwriting. 

My combined background of SEO, PR and journalism means that I can create content that not only ranks on Google, but everyone will think that you wrote it. 

If you want to write books, run an event or grow your start up, then one of the biggest challenges you will face is finding the time to transform your ideas into something practical and appealing to your audiences. 

Other Digital marketing consultants and companies will only help people find what you already have. I will work with you to turn your ideas and goals into a brand that sells.

SEO is a core aspect of what I do and it goes hand in hand with content creation. Google is constantly moving towards prioritising websites that give their users quality, relevant content. Unlike other SEO’s I won’t just say anything to get you ranking, I’ll analyse your audience to provide them with exactly what they want.

Turning Ideas into Content. Saving You Time. Making You Money.

Step 1:

Establish Your Goals

In step 1 once we have has a discussion to outline who you are and what you want to achieve, then all you need to do is send me your ideas. It could be a voice note or huge paragraph written in a train of thought. However you prefer to work.

Step 2:

Content Creation and Brand Development

After you’ve sent me everything from step 1, your work is done. I am an expert ghostwriter and can turn your ideas into content that is both engaging and consistent. This will build the foundations for creating or growing your brand.

Step 3:

Putting Eyes on the Brand

After I have turned your thoughts into a professional brand it’s time to show it off. Whether you want people to hear about your new book, upcoming event or latest business venture, I can help. Generating you leads through a combination of digital marketing techniques .

My Skills

Being able to guarantee a strong return on investment is never something that should be taken lightly. That’s why it’s important for me to highlight the areas in which I can be the most effective for you or your business. 

  • Targeted Audience Analysis
  • Setting Up Effective User Funnels
  • Resource Building
  • Enhancing User Engagement
  • On-Page Technical SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Digital PR Campaigns
  • KPI Analysis

Areas of SEO Speciality

Local seo Consultant

Consultant services

seo and website ux

You could have an amazing website that cost you thousands of pounds. That money is wasted though if nobody is seeing it or it's not bringing you in customers. I'll build you a lead gen machine.

handling data

I understand how to use data science to accurately predict customer behaviour and increase conversions. Knowing and being able to visualise your customer journey is an invaluable asset.



My background in journalism and PR means that not only do I know how to write, but I can write for SEO as well. This means that you can have access to content that resonates well not just with your audience, but search engines as well.


I have a lot of experience in video and filmography. I can accurately identify and create media content that resonates with it's target audience and sparks engagement.

Are There Benefits to SEO?

How is your current website looking? Do you regularly receive leads and large amounts of organic traffic through your website? Only getting customers through paid advertising? The problem could be that potential clients simply aren’t finding your website. If you aren’t ranking on Google for the right key terms – then the hundreds of thousands of pounds you paid for your website, have practically gone to waste. SEO is one of the core components of a broader digital marketing strategy. If your competitors are working with an SEO agency or expert, then they already have an advantage and are most likely stealing customers directly from under your nose. Working to make sure customers and potential clients find you on Google, Bing and Yahoo will have an across the board impact that strengthens your brand and reputation.

Why Should I Work With You and Not an SEO Agency?

Getting your work done by an agency does have a number of benefits. They have larger resources at their disposal and can guarantee you a certain level of results. However, agencies significantly more money than the average freelance search engine optimisation consultant. They will have other deadlines and will prioritise larger clients over smaller ones, leaving you with lots of short term results, but no long-term strategy for scale-able growth. If you are interested in working with someone directly, to plan and personally ensure that your website is going in the right direction, then you should get in contact with me. 



Josiah has played a key role advising on communication and digital marketing in relation to my office. His clients benefit frequently from cost saved and greater audience engagement. He comes highly recommended.
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