I have hundreds of graphs showing how i’ve generated leads and business for previous clients. Any consultant worth their salt in digital marketing has an impressive portfolio of clients that they’ve got results for. 

So what makes me different? 

Digital Ghostwriting. 

My combined background of SEO, PR and journalism means that I can create content that not only ranks on Google, but everyone will think that you wrote it. 

If you want to write books, run an event or grow your start up, then one of the biggest challenges you will face is finding the time to transform your ideas into something practical and appealing to your audiences. 

Other Digital marketing consultants and companies will only help people find what you already have. I will work with you to turn your ideas and goals into a brand that sells.

SEO is a core aspect of what I do and it goes hand in hand with content creation. Google is constantly moving towards prioritising websites that give their users quality, relevant content. Unlike other SEO’s I won’t just say anything to get you ranking, I’ll analyse your audience to provide them with exactly what they want.

Turning Ideas into Content. Saving You Time. Making You Money.

Step 1:

Establish Your Goals

In step 1 once we have has a discussion to outline who you are and what you want to achieve, then all you need to do is send me your ideas. It could be a voice note or huge paragraph written in a train of thought. However you prefer to work.

Step 2:

Content Creation and Brand Development

After you’ve sent me everything from step 1, your work is done. I am an expert ghostwriter and can turn your ideas into content that is both engaging and consistent. This will build the foundations for creating or growing your brand.

Step 3:

Putting Eyes on the Brand

After I have turned your thoughts into a professional brand it’s time to show it off. Whether you want people to hear about your new book, upcoming event or latest business venture, I can help. Generating you leads through a combination of digital marketing techniques .