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How are you approaching social media? The chances are you’re thinking about it all wrong.

I have successfully initiated campaigns that have effectively built new brands, revived existing ones and developed successful long-term growth strategies.

I did all this without spending huge amounts on advertising. Click the link below to have a chat with me and find out how.


It doesn’t matter how many followers, likes or retweets you get. If you aren’t engaging with your social media audiences , you aren’t using them correctly. Everyday companies all around the world throw away hundreds to thousands of potential leads and sales, simply because they don’t make the most of the social media. 

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest offer a unique opportunity to grow your company and make more sales. It’s why your competition probably has an in-house social media role, dedicated to creating the right content for online growth. 

Social media is just on aspect of a larger digital marketing campaign. The best strategy you can use is one that uses digital and social platforms to support the work being done by your content team and SEO consultant / professional.

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What I offer.

Audience Analysis

The first step to any social media campaign is identifying your audience and target demographic. If you don’t understand online culture then you won’t be able to wrestle audience engagement away from your competitors. When you understand your audience, then you can create a platform that adds value.

Strategy Development

Knowing when you should post on social media is very important. Knowing what you should post and within what time frame is essential. If you don’t have a plan that connects all of your campaigns together, you will loose traction. With a well researched strategy conversions will dramatically increase.

Content Creation

Many companies operate under the idea that ‘regular posting’ is the answer to all their social media problems. In fact, well designed content has a far greater impact. It’s about providing quality, not quantity. If you can give your audience¬† engaging and strategically purposed posts on a consistent basis, you will see your numbers grow.

Social Media Manager

Take a look at some of my past social media campaigns


Social Media Training

I can work with your team to supply increased engagement, decreased response time, and generate more high quality leads. No matter what the current state of your social media platforms or the existing ability of your team, I can help train your team for long-term and continuous results.

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